HLIBpro  2.2
Class Hierarchy
This inheritance list is sorted roughly, but not completely, alphabetically:
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 CcomplexClass for a complex numerical type
 CTBSPCTBuilder::data_tDatatype for internal argument transfer
 Cfac_options_tOptions for matrix factorisations
 Cinv_options_tOptions for matrix inversion
 Cis_complex_type< T >
 Cis_float< T >
 Cis_integer< T >
 CMatrixBase< T_derived >Defines basic interface for matrices
 CMatrixBase< AdjoinView< T_matrix > >
 CMatrixBase< Matrix< T_value > >
 CMatrixBase< MatrixView< T_matrix > >
 CMatrixBase< TransposeView< T_matrix > >
 CMemBlock< T_value >Defines a reference countable memory block
 CMemBlock< complex >
 CMemBlock< real >
 Cquad_rule_tHolds quadrature rule with points and weights for two triangles
 Creal_type< T >
 Csolve_option_tDetermines characteristics of triangular system
 CTHCA< T >::stat_t
 CTQuadHCAGenFn< T_ansatzsp, T_testsp, T_val >::stat_t
 CTAdmConditionDefines basic interface for admissibility conditions
 CTAlgCTBuilderBase class for cluster tree construction algorithms based on graph partitioning with graph defined by a sparse matrix
 CTAlgPartStratBase class for partitioning strategies for algebraic clustering
 CTBCBuilderRecursively build block cluster tree with supplied admissibility condition
 CTBilinearForm< T_val >Base class for all bilinear forms
 CTBilinearForm< complex >
 CTBilinearForm< real >
 CTBlockClusterRepresenting a node in a block cluster tree as product of two clusters
 CTBlockClusterTreeRepresents a block cluster tree
 CTBlockClusterVisBase class for block cluster tree visualisation
 CTBlockIndexSetRepresents a product of two indexsets
 CTBSPCTBuilderBase class for all cluster tree constructors based on geometry data
 CTBSPPartStratBase class for partitioning strategies for geometrical BSP clustering
 CTByteStreamImplements a stream of bytes for storage purposes
 CTChacoPartStratGraph partitioning using CHACO
 CTClusterBasisIO< T >Base class for cluster basis input/output
 CTClusterBasisVis< T >Base class for cluster basis visualisation
 CTClusterTreeRepresents a cluster tree with permutation of index sets
 CTClusterVisBase class for cluster tree visualisation
 CTCoarsenImplements coarsening, e.g. agglomeration of blocked matrices into dense or low-rank matrices if the later use less memory
 CTCoeffFn< T >Base class for returning coefficient for a given indexpair (i,j) in internal ordering
 CTCoeffFn< T_bf::value_t >
 CTColumnMatrixNormComputes norm for each column of the matrix
 CTCoordinateStores coordinate information for indices
 CTCoordIOBase class for coordinate I/O defining interface
 CTCoordVisBase class for coordinate visualisation
 CTDistrBC::TCostFuncCost function for block clusters in load balancing
 CTDAGNodeBase class for DAG nodes defining interface and basic functionality
 CTDenseClusterBasisBuilder< T >Class for constructing cluster bases using dense matrices
 CTDiGraphClass for directed graph represented by adjacency matrix in sparse format (assuming sparse graph!)
 CTDistrBCBase class for all block cluster distribution methods
 CTFacMatrixImplements matrix-vector multiplication with nearfield part of H-matrix
 CTFVSUses a heuristic algorithm to compute feedback vertex set of a directed graph represented by a sparse matrix
 CTHCA< T >::TGeneratorFnClass defining kernel generator function used by HCA
 CTGraphClass for a undirected graph stored as adjacency matrix in CRS representation
 CTGridIOBase class for reading grids
 CTGridVisBase class for grid visualisation
 CTHClusterBasisBuilder< T >Class for constructing cluster bases using H-matrices
 CTIndexSetRepresents an indexset with contigously numbered indices, defined by the first and last index in the set
 CTSolver::TInfoDatatype to share iteration history
 CTDiGraph::TIteratorIterator to predecessor/successor lists
 CTGraph::TIteratorClass for iterating through adjacent nodes
 CTNodeSet::TIteratorClass for iterating through node sets
 CTLDLComputes LDL factorisation $ A = LDL^T $ or $ A = LDL^H $
 CTLDUComputes LDU factorisation $ A = LDU $
 CTLLComputes Cholesky factorisation $ A = LL^T $ or $ A=LL^H $
 CTLockableBase class for all mutex equipped classes
 CTLowRankApxBase class for all low rank approximation techniques
 CTLUComputes LU factorisation $ A = LU $
 CTMatBuilderBase class for building matrices implementing basic management and parallel construction
 CTMatrixHierarchyRepresents a level-wise hierarchy of matrices
 CTMatrixIOBase class for Matrix IO defining interface
 CTMatrixNormBaseclass for matrix norm computations
 CTMatrixVisBase class for matrix visualisation
 CTMutexWraps default mutices
 CTNodeSetRepresents a set of nodes by an array
 CTAlgNDCTBuilder::TOptClusterSizeControls optimal cluster size per tree level
 CTBSPCTBuilder::TOptClusterSizeControls optimal cluster size per tree level
 CTProcSetDescribes a processor set of continuously numbered processors
 CTProgressBarBase class defining interface
 CTPSCoordVisCoordinate visualisation in PostScript format
 Ctri_eval_option_tDetermines characteristics of triangular system
 CTRowMatrixNormComputes norm for each row of a matrix
 CTScopedLockProvides automatic lock and unlock for mutices
 CTScotchPartStratGraph partitioning using Scotch
 CTSolverSolver base class defining interface and implementing simple solver (Richardson iteration)
 CTMatrixHierarchy::TSparseBlockMatrixRepresents a n×m block matrix with only a small number of non-null sub matrices stored in an efficient way
 CTTimerTimer class
 CTTruncAccDefines accuracy for truncation of low rank blocks
 CTTypeInfoProvides basic interface and methods for RTTI
 CTVectorIOBase class for vector IO defining interface
 CTVRMLCoordVisCoordinate visualisation in VRML format
 CTVTKCoordVisCoordinate visualisation in VTK format
 Cvector< T >STL class