HLIBpro  2.2
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TByteStream Class Reference

implements a stream of bytes for storage purposes

#include <TByteStream.hh>

Public Member Functions

 TByteStream (const size_t s=0)
 construct bytestream capable of holding s bytes
 TByteStream (const size_t asize, void *adata)
 construct bytestream by given array (external storage)
 TByteStream (const TByteStream &str)
 copy constructor
 ~TByteStream ()
size_t position () const
 return current position in byte stream
size_t size () const
 return capacity of bytestream
TByteStreamset_size (const size_t n)
 set new bytestream capacity without keeping old data
TByteStreamset_pos (const size_t p)
 set new position in bytestream
TByteStreamset_stream (void *data, const size_t size)
 set internal stream to data and size without copying
TByteStreamcopy_stream (void *data, const size_t size)
 set internal stream to data and size with copying
TByteStreamto_start ()
 set internal pointer to start of stream
TByteStreamto_end ()
 set internal pointer to end of stream
uchar * data ()
 directly access internal stream data
void put (const void *buf, const size_t n)
 put n bytes to current position in stream
template<typename T >
void put (const T &buf)
 directly put given data into stream
template<typename T >
void dput (const T *buf, const size_t nelem)
 directly put nelem elements of data into stream
void get (void *buf, const size_t n)
 get n bytes from current position in stream
template<typename T >
void get (T &buf)
 directly get data from stream
template<typename T >
void dget (T *buf, const size_t nelem)
 directly get nelem elements of data from stream
void save (const std::string &filename) const
 write stream into file filename
void load (const std::string &filename)
 load stream from file filename
uint checksum () const
 return checksum of content
void print (const bool show_content=false) const
 print information/content of stream

Protected Attributes

uchar * _data
 array holding the actual stream
size_t _pos
 current position in stream
bool _extern
 indicates, that stream memory is handled outside of class