HLIBpro  2.2
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TPermutation Class Reference

Describes permutation of index sets.

#include <TPermutation.hh>

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Public Member Functions

 TPermutation (const size_t asize=0)
 construct permutation of size asize
 TPermutation (const std::vector< idx_t > &perm)
 construct permutation with data defined by array perm
 TPermutation (const TPermutation &perm)
 copy ctor
virtual ~TPermutation ()
idx_t permute (const idx_t idx) const
 permute given index
void permute (const TVector *x, TVector *y) const
 reorder given vector x and write result to y
void permute_inv (const TVector *x, TVector *y) const
 use inverse permutation to reorder given vector x and write result to y
void permute (TVector *x) const
 permute given vector inplace
void permute_inv (TVector *x) const
 apply inverse permutation to given vector
void invert ()
 invert permutation
TPermutation inverse ()
 return inverse permutation
virtual void read (TByteStream &s)
 read object data from bytestream s
virtual void write (TByteStream &s) const
 write object data to bytestream s
virtual size_t bs_size () const
 returns size of object in bytestream
TPermutationoperator= (const TPermutation &perm)
 copy operator
TPermutationoperator= (const std::vector< idx_t > &perm)
 copy operator for vector
virtual size_t byte_size () const
 return size in bytes used by this object