HLIBpro  2.1
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TCardBSPPartStrat Class Reference

Partition according to cardinality of index sets.

#include <TBSPPartStrat.hh>

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Public Member Functions

 TCardBSPPartStrat (const split_axis_mode_t split_axis_mode=regular_split_axis)
 TCardBSPPartStrat (const TCoordinate *coord, const split_axis_mode_t split_axis_mode=regular_split_axis)
virtual void set_coord (const TCoordinate *coord)
 set coordinate set for indices
virtual void partition (const TNodeSet &dofs, TNodeSet &left, TNodeSet &right, const TBBox &bbox, std::vector< TBBox > &son_bbox, const uint depth) const

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TCardBSPPartStrat ( const split_axis_mode_t  split_axis_mode = regular_split_axis)

ctor with undefined coordinate set (needs to be set by TBSPCTBuilder)

TCardBSPPartStrat ( const TCoordinate coord,
const split_axis_mode_t  split_axis_mode = regular_split_axis 

ctor with predefined coordinate set

Member Function Documentation

virtual void partition ( const TNodeSet dofs,
TNodeSet left,
TNodeSet right,
const TBBox &  bbox,
std::vector< TBBox > &  son_bbox,
const uint  depth 
) const

partition dofs into sub sets

Implements TBSPPartStrat.