HLIBpro  2.1
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TBSPCTBuilder Class Reference

Base class for all cluster tree constructors based on geometry data.

#include <TBSPCTBuilder.hh>

Inheritance diagram for TBSPCTBuilder:
TBSPGroupCTBuilder TBSPNDCTBuilder TBSPPartCTBuilder


struct  data_t
 Datatype for internal argument transfer. More...
class  TOptClusterSize
 Controls optimal cluster size per tree level. More...

Public Member Functions

 TBSPCTBuilder ()
 default ctor
 TBSPCTBuilder (const TBSPPartStrat *part_strat, const uint n_min=CFG::Cluster::nmin, const uint min_leaf_lvl=0)
 construct BSP cluster tree builder with partitioning strategy part_strat
virtual ~TBSPCTBuilder ()
void adjust_bb (const bool b)
 set flag for adjusting bounding box
void sort_wrt_size (const bool b)
 set flag for sorting son cluster wrt. size
virtual TClusterTreebuild (const TCoordinate *coord, const idx_t idx_ofs=0) const
virtual TGeomClusterdivide (const TNodeSet &dofs, const uint lvl, const TBBox &bbox, const TOptClusterSize &csize, const idx_t index_ofs, data_t &data) const
 recursively build cluster tree for indices in dofs

Protected Member Functions

virtual TGeomClusterbuild_leaf (const TNodeSet &dofs, const uint lvl, const idx_t index_ofs, const TBBox &bbox, data_t &data) const
 create a leaf in a clustertree containing indices in dofs
virtual TBBox compute_bb (const TNodeSet &dofs, const data_t &data) const
 compute bounding box of index set defined by dofs
virtual void update_bb (const TNodeSet &dofs, TBBox &bbox, const data_t &data) const
 update bounding box of index set defined by dofs
virtual void check_bb (TBBox &bbox, const data_t &data) const
 check and update bbox in case of degenerate axis, e.g. very small length
virtual TBBox support_size (const node_t node, const bool only_idx, const data_t &data) const
 compute support size for single index

Protected Attributes

const TBSPPartStrat_part_strat
 type of partitioning strategy
uint _n_min
 minimal size of a cluster, i.e. not smaller than this
uint _min_leaf_lvl
 minimal level on which leaves may occur
bool _adjust_bb
 flag for adjusting bounding boxes of nodes
bool _sort_wrt_size
 flag for sorting sub clusters w.r.t. size

Member Function Documentation

virtual TClusterTree* build ( const TCoordinate coord,
const idx_t  idx_ofs = 0 
) const

build cluster tree out of given coordinate set

coord: geometry information for each index
idx_ofs: start renumbering indices from idx_ofs

Reimplemented in TBSPGroupCTBuilder, and TBSPNDCTBuilder.