HLIBpro  3.0
TCoeffFn< T > Class Template Referenceabstract

Base class for returning coefficient for a given indexpair (i,j) in internal ordering.

#include <TCoeffFn.hh>

Inheritance diagram for TCoeffFn< T >:
TCBCoeffFn< T > TPermCoeffFn< T >

Public Member Functions

 TCoeffFn ()
 default constructor
virtual ~TCoeffFn ()
virtual matform_t matrix_format () const
 return format of matrix, e.g. symmetric or hermitian
virtual void eval (const TIndexSet &rowis, const TIndexSet &colis, value_t *matrix) const
virtual void eval (const std::vector< idx_t > &tau, const std::vector< idx_t > &sigma, value_t *matrix) const =0

Member Function Documentation

◆ eval() [1/2]

virtual void eval ( const std::vector< idx_t > &  tau,
const std::vector< idx_t > &  sigma,
value_t *  matrix 
) const
pure virtual

return matrix coefficient for index positions defined by tau and sigma, which may be not be consecutively numbered

Implemented in TMaternCovCoeffFn< T_point >, TCBCoeffFn< T >, and TPermCoeffFn< T >.

◆ eval() [2/2]

virtual void eval ( const TIndexSet rowis,
const TIndexSet colis,
value_t *  matrix 
) const

return τ x σ subblock of real valued matrix as dense matrix block in column major format

Reimplemented in TPermCoeffFn< T >.