HLIBpro  2.9.1
TTypeInfo Class Referenceabstract

Provides basic interface and methods for RTTI. More...

#include <TTypeInfo.hh>

Inheritance diagram for TTypeInfo:
TClusterBasis< real > TClusterBasis< complex > TCluster TClusterBasis< T > TLinearOperator TVector TGeomCluster TFacInvMatrix TGaussSeidel TJacobi TMatrix TMatrixProduct< T_value > TMatrixSum< T_value > TNearfieldMulVec TPermMatrix TSOR TBlockVector TScalarVector TUniformVector

Public Member Functions

virtual typeid_t type () const =0
 return type ID of object
virtual bool is_type (const typeid_t t) const
 return true if local object is of given type ID t
virtual std::string typestr () const
 return string representation of type

Detailed Description

    In 𝖧𝖫𝖨𝖡𝗉𝗋𝗈 an independent RTTI system is used to simplify
    type checks and provide readable output, e.g. in error messages.

    All classes that should be handled by this RTTI have to be derived
    from TTypeInfo and must implement the functions "type" and "is_type"
    (for hierarchical type checks, e.g. test against base classes).