HLIBpro  2.9.1
THLibMatrixIO Class Reference

Class for matrix I/O in HLIB format.

#include <TMatrixIO.hh>

Inheritance diagram for THLibMatrixIO:

Public Member Functions

 THLibMatrixIO (const bool compressed=false)
 construct HLIB matrix IO object with compression set to compressed
void set_compression (const bool compressed)
 set internal compression usage to compressed
virtual void write (const TMatrix *A, const std::string &fname) const
 write matrix A to file fname
virtual std::unique_ptr< TMatrixread (const std::string &fname) const
 read and return matrix from file fname
virtual void write_linop (const TLinearOperator *A, const std::string &fname) const
 write linear operator A to file fname
virtual std::unique_ptr< TLinearOperatorread_linop (const std::string &fname) const
 read and return linear operator from file fname

Protected Attributes

bool _compressed
 flag for using compression