HLIBpro  2.9.1
TGridVis Class Referenceabstract

Base class for grid visualisation.

#include <TGridVis.hh>

Inheritance diagram for TGridVis:
T2DGridVis TVRMLGridVis TVTKGridVis TPDFGridVis TPSGridVis

Public Member Functions

virtual void print (const TGrid *grid, const std::string &filename) const =0
 print grid to file filename
virtual void print (const TGrid *grid, const TFnSpace *fnspace, const TVector *vec, const std::string &filename) const =0
void set_func_value_interval (const double minval, const double maxval)
double min_func_value () const
 access function value interval
void set_colourmap (const std::string &cmap)
 set colour map
std::string colourmap () const
 return name of colourmap

Member Function Documentation

◆ print()

virtual void print ( const TGrid *  grid,
const TFnSpace *  fnspace,
const TVector vec,
const std::string &  filename 
) const
pure virtual

print grid to file filename with colours according to values in vector vec which holds coefficients for function in fnspace

Implemented in TVTKGridVis, TVRMLGridVis, and T2DGridVis.

◆ set_func_value_interval()

void set_func_value_interval ( const double  minval,
const double  maxval 

set value interval for grid function visualisation

  • colour is chosen based function value and position in interval
  • if actual function value is out of interval, value is clipped