HLIBpro  2.9.1
T2DBlockClusterVis Class Referenceabstract

base class for block cluster tree visualisation in 2D

#include <TClusterVis.hh>

Inheritance diagram for T2DBlockClusterVis:
TBlockClusterVis TPDFBlockClusterVis TPSBlockClusterVis

Public Member Functions

 T2DBlockClusterVis ()
 default ctor
T2DBlockClusterVisborder (const bool b)
 turn on/off printing of border around nodes (default: on)
T2DBlockClusterVisbackground (const bool b)
 turn on/off printing of background of nodes (default: on)
T2DBlockClusterVisall_nodes (const bool b)
 turn on/off showing of all nodes in tree, even inner nodes (default: on)
T2DBlockClusterVisloc_is (const bool b)
 turn on/off printing local index sets (default: off)
T2DBlockClusterVisid (const bool b)
 turn on/off printing local cluster ID (default: off)
T2DBlockClusterVisprocs (const bool b)
 turn on/off printing tree for one processor (default: off)
T2DBlockClusterVissingle_proc (const bool b)
 turn on/off printing tree for one processor (default: off)
T2DBlockClusterVispid (const uint p)
T2DBlockClusterVislegend (const bool b)
 turn on/off printing of legend (default: off)
T2DBlockClusterVismax_size_ratio (const double r)
T2DBlockClusterVisadaptive_lw (const bool b)
T2DBlockClusterVisbase_line_width (const double lw)
 set base line width for either constant or adaptive lw (default: 1.0)
virtual void print (const TBlockCluster *c, const std::string &filename) const

Member Function Documentation

◆ adaptive_lw()

T2DBlockClusterVis& adaptive_lw ( const bool  b)

switch on/off adaptive line width, e.g. multiply lw by distance from leaf; if off, constant lw = base lw is used (default: off)

◆ max_size_ratio()

T2DBlockClusterVis& max_size_ratio ( const double  r)

set maximal allowed ratio of block size compared to largest block size (default: 1000); if ratio is exceeded, block will not be printed to limit file size for very large block cluster trees

◆ pid()

T2DBlockClusterVis& pid ( const uint  p)

set processor to restrict visualisation to (default: none); also activates "single_proc"

◆ print()

virtual void print ( const TBlockCluster cl,
const std::string &  filename 
) const

visualise block cluster tree

clblock cluster tree to visualise
filenamename of file to write to

Implements TBlockClusterVis.