HLIBpro  2.9.1
Vector< T_value > Class Template Reference

Standard vector in basic linear algebra, i.e. BLAS/LAPACK. More...

#include <VectorBase.hh>

Inheritance diagram for Vector< T_value >:
MemBlock< T_value >

Public Types

using value_t = T_value
 internal value type
using super_t = MemBlock< value_t >
 super class type
- Public Types inherited from MemBlock< T_value >
using value_t = T_value
 internal value type

Public Member Functions

 Vector () noexcept
 create zero sized vector
 Vector (const size_t n)
 create vector of size n
 Vector (const Vector &v, const copy_policy_t p=copy_reference)
 copy ctor
 Vector (Vector &&v) noexcept
 move ctor
 Vector (const Matrix< value_t > &M, const Range &ar, const idx_t col, const copy_policy_t p=copy_reference)
 create copy of column of matrix M defined by r and col
 Vector (const Matrix< value_t > &M, const idx_t row, const Range &ar, const copy_policy_t p=copy_reference)
 create copy/reference to row of matrix M defined by r and row
Vectoroperator= (const Vector &v)
 copy operator (always copy reference! for real data copy, use copy function below!)
Vectoroperator= (Vector &&v) noexcept
 move operator (move ownership of data)
size_t length () const noexcept
 return length of vector
size_t stride () const noexcept
 return stride of index set
value_t operator() (const idx_t i) const noexcept
 return coefficient at position i
value_toperator() (const idx_t i) noexcept
 return reference to coefficient at position i
Vector< value_tcopy () const
 create real copy of matrix
Vector< value_treference () const
 create reference to this matrix
Vector operator() (const Range &r) const
 return reference to sub vector defined by r
value_tdata () const noexcept
 give access to internal data
size_t byte_size () const
 return size in bytes used by this object
- Public Member Functions inherited from MemBlock< T_value >
 MemBlock () noexcept
 ctor with nullptr data and 0 references
 MemBlock (const size_t n)
 ctor for n elements of value_t and 0 references
 MemBlock (const MemBlock &b)
 copy ctor (copy reference!)
 MemBlock (MemBlock &&b) noexcept
 move ctor (move ownership)
 ~MemBlock ()
 dtor removing all data even if references exist !
MemBlockoperator= (const MemBlock &b)
 copy operator (copy reference!)
MemBlockoperator= (MemBlock &&b) noexcept
 move ctor (move ownership)
value_tdata () noexcept
 return pointer to internal array
const value_tdata () const noexcept
 return const pointer to internal array
bool is_owner () const noexcept
 return is_owner status

Detailed Description

template<typename T_value>
class HLIB::BLAS::Vector< T_value >

defines basic interface for vectors

\detail Standard vector class in linear algebra routines. It holds a reference to a memory block, which is controlled by this vector, e.g. if the vector is gone or resized, the memory block is also gone.