HLIBpro  2.4
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TLowRankApx Class Referenceabstract

base class for all low rank approximation techniques

#include <TLowRankApx.hh>

Inheritance diagram for TLowRankApx:
TACA< T > THCA< T > TSVDLRApx< T > TZeroLRApx TACAFull< T > TACAPlus< T >

Public Member Functions

virtual TMatrixbuild (const TBlockCluster *bct, const TTruncAcc &acc) const =0

Member Function Documentation

virtual TMatrix* build ( const TBlockCluster bct,
const TTruncAcc acc 
) const
pure virtual

build low rank matrix for block cluster bct with rank defined by accuracy acc

Implemented in THCA< T >, TACA< T >, TSVDLRApx< T >, and TZeroLRApx.