HLIBpro  2.4
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TClusterTree Class Reference

Represents a cluster tree with permutation of index sets.

#include <TClusterTree.hh>

Public Member Functions

 TClusterTree (const TCluster *rootcl, const TPermutation *perme2i, const TPermutation *permi2e)
virtual ~TClusterTree ()
 deconstruct cluster tree and permutation objects
const TClusterroot () const
 return root of cluster tree
const TPermutationperm_e2i () const
 return external to internal permutation
const TPermutationperm_i2e () const
 return internal to external permutation
virtual size_t nnodes () const
 return no of nodes
virtual size_t depth () const
 depth of tree
virtual void collect_leaves (std::list< TCluster * > &leaves, const int adepth=-1, const int level=0) const
 collect leaves or nodes with depth adepth in list
virtual size_t byte_size () const
 return size in bytes used by this object

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

TClusterTree ( const TCluster rootcl,
const TPermutation perme2i,
const TPermutation permi2e 

construct cluster tree with root as rootcl and permutations perme2i and permi2e