HLIBpro  2.4
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TBlockIndexSet Class Reference

Represents a product of two indexsets.

#include <TIndexSet.hh>

Public Member Functions

 TBlockIndexSet () noexcept
 construct empty index set
 TBlockIndexSet (const TIndexSet &arow_is, const TIndexSet &acol_is) noexcept
 construct indexset defined by given sets
 TBlockIndexSet (const TBlockIndexSet &is) noexcept
 copy constructor
const TIndexSetrow_is () const noexcept
 return row indexset
const TIndexSetcol_is () const noexcept
 return column indexset
bool is_in (const idx_t row_idx, const idx_t col_idx) const noexcept
 return true if given index (i,j) is part of indexset and false otherwise
bool is_sub (const TBlockIndexSet &is) const noexcept
 return true if given indexset is subset
bool is_subset_of (const TBlockIndexSet &is) const noexcept
 return true if local indexset is subset of given indexset
TBlockIndexSetoperator= (const TBlockIndexSet &is) noexcept
 copy operator
bool operator== (const TBlockIndexSet &is) const noexcept
 equality operator
bool operator!= (const TBlockIndexSet &is) const noexcept
 inequality operator
std::string to_string () const
 string output
size_t byte_size () const noexcept
 return size in bytes used by this object