HLIBpro  2.3.1
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TNodeSet Class Reference

Represents a set of nodes by an array. More...

#include <TNodeSet.hh>


class  iterator
 STL iterator for TNodeSet. More...

Public Member Functions

 TNodeSet (const size_t set_size=0)
 construct node set with maximal capacity set_size
 TNodeSet (const TNodeSet &set)
 copy ctor
size_t size () const noexcept
 return capacity of node set
node_toperator[] (const size_t i) noexcept
 return i'th node in set
iterator begin () const noexcept
 return STL iterators
const_iterator cbegin () const noexcept
 return STL const iterators
size_t nnodes () const noexcept
 return number of stored nodes
void set_nnodes (const size_t n) noexcept
 directly set number of stored nodes
void append (const node_t node)
 append node node to the set (without incrementing the array-size)
void remove_all () noexcept
 remove all nodes from set (array-size is not changed)
void resize (const size_t n, const bool=true)
 adjust capacity to n and node number
void resize (const size_t n, const uint &, const bool)
 adjust capacity to n and node number
TNodeSetoperator= (const TNodeSet &set)
 copy operator

Protected Attributes

std::vector< node_t_data
 array containing nodeset
size_t _nnodes
 actual number of nodes in set

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